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Child Genius, where does it come from? 

I've been wondering why there are such brilliant pianists of pre-teen age. How is it possible for an 8 year old to play Chopin and Rachmaninov in such a way, that it's indistinguishable from a performance given by a top concert pianist? If we were blindfolded and could only hear, most of us wouldn't know the difference, if there is one.

I've never given much thought to re-incarnation before, but I was listening to a discussion on BBC radio this morning (9th August 09) about that subject. It was suggested that there was no such phenomenon as a 6 year old Mozart composing a piano concerto. The suggestion was that he had lived before and was just continuing from where he left off. Silly? Or not?

The interview was sparked off by the parents of a four year old boy in America who, through his nightmares, can describe accurately an air dogfight over the Pacific between the Japanese and the Americans in WW2, where a plane went down and the pilot was killed. The boy is describing the incident from the perspective of the pilot. He has named his toy soldiers after three of the pilot's comrades, whom he could never have known about.

I wouldn't dismiss anything. There has to be an explanation as to why 8 year olds can play classical music to the level we see from this site. Easy to simply say, "They're gifted." What does THAT mean? 

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