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If you've ever played on a Steinway, Bechstein, Fazioli or Bodendorfer, the chances are you've used a Renner action.

Welcome to Renner USA! 

We are the exclusive representative of the world renowned Renner piano action and hammerheads for North and South America, made by the Louis Renner Company in Germany.  The Renner action incorporates over 6,000 individual components using natural materials like wood, leather, and felt, which are handcrafted to the highest precision and all work together to transmit the energy and musical expression of the player through the rest of the instrument. 

We invite you to take a look at the video and see a dramatic demonstration of why the world’s finest pianos continue to use only “Genuine Renner Within” as they have for well over a century.

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Lloyd Meyer
Renner USA

Renner USA

Renner Louis Rennerwas founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1882. Now, it is in Gärtringen, Germany, near Stuttgart, with other factories in Odenheim and Zeitz. Renner makes  grand and upright piano actions in plus other special piano parts,  hammers, accessories and piano tools etc. They supply  action parts to  leading piano makers and piano technicians in more than 80 countries.

In 1988, Lloyd Meyer established Renner USA, a division of L.W. Meyer & Company, give a stronger representation in North America and to establish an American. based unit for the research and development of special piano action parts and tools specifically designed for vintage American pianos. These include  replacement parts for Baldwin, Chickering, Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, Steinway, and other American pianos.

The company also provides original replacement components for  European piano makers, including Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendofer, Estonia, Fazioli, August Förster, Grotrian Steinweg, Steinway Hamburg, Schimmel, Seiler, Wilh, Steinberg, Steingräber & Söhne, plus the higher end of the Asian piano producers. In demand, are  Premium Blue Classic and Premium Blue Point piano hammerheads which do not require the addition of lacquers or other artificial impregnation of hardeners; and special tools which have been developed for fine regulating.

Renner USA was chosen by The Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) to manufacture their official grand piano action testing model which is only used  in the test process leading to the distinguished achievement of Registered Piano Technician (RPT).


Until 1998 Herrburger Brooks was the world's oldest established maker of piano actions, hammer heads, and keyboards. The company was originally founded in London in 1810 by Henry Brooks. In 1844 in Paris, Jean Schwander set up production of the famous Schwander action. This branch was later named after his son-in-law Josef Herrburger. He retired in 1882, but his name can still be found on many actions of fine pianos made today. Bechsteins, for example, were fitted with Schwander actions, up until about the time of the First World War. His successor was his son-in-law Joseph Herrburger, who formed a New York branch in 1900. Twenty years later Brooks of London and Herrburger amalgamated, so the firm of Herrburger Brooks came into being. The Paris branch of Herrburger Brooks closed in 1953 and moved to Long Eaton, Nottingham.

In 1885 spring and loop actions in grands, sometimes incorrectly known as simplex actions, were being made by Herrburger Brooks. This action is a single escapement action.

 These two companies soon become world leaders in quality piano actions and in 1920 amalgamated under the name of Herrburger Brooks. In 1953 the English company absorbed the Paris operation to become the largest manufacturer of piano actions in Europe. A new development took place in 1965 when Kimball International Inc. (formerly Jasper Corporation) took over Herrburger Brooks. A philosophy of continuous improvement has meant a regular updating of plants, equipment, and production methods. A research and development team that is in continuous liaison with the world's leading piano makers develops, tests, and evaluates new ideas and designs constantly. This ensures that the Schwander tradition of quality is never compromised.

Herrburger Brooks made action for many piano makes including:
  • 1954 Eavestaff says Long Eaton.
  • 1955 Knight Long Eaton.
  • 1957 Kemble Herrb. Brooks Notts.
  • 1957 Berry Notts.
  • 1960 Kemble Long Eaton.
  • 1963 Eavestaff marked Notts.
  • 1966 Eavestaff marked Nottingham.

The above date are taken from actions in pianos

On show at the 1963 Frankfurt Fair was a Herrburger Brooks Schwander action, with a brass sleeve, lined with P.T.F.E. plastic bushing instead of cloth bushing. The Amber Light Engineering Co. supplied this brass plastic bushing.

In 1967 they stopped making the spring and loop action for grands. This is a useful date for piano technicians, as many small grands used this action. In the late 1920s Herrburger Brooks moved from London to Long Eaton. The company made piano actions for many piano manufacturers.

In October 1996 Kimball sold the action division, Herrburger Brooks, to Harmony Pianos of Hong Kong. In September 1998, Herrburger Brooks went into administrative receivership.

The 12th of April 1999 was the first day for a new company born from the ashes of Herrburger Brooks. The new company is called Langer Ltd. and was formed by David Martin and two other former directors of the old Herrburger Brooks. They have moved into smaller premises but have kept the machinery and fifty members of the old work force. They will continue to make actions and keys, but will no longer be making hammers.